The Extreme Importance of Benchmarking

Gone are the days of just putting something online'. We're almost in 2024, everyone has been 'just putting something online' for many years now and, to no surprise...

The Extreme Importance of Benchmarking
Article Date
October 24, 2023

Recently I've been going through some comments and messages from business owners talking about how their websites and sales pages aren't doing anything for them; aka, not converting.

Before I even go into asking any specifics on why their online presence isn't generating any activity, I immediately go check out their website/landing page/sales page.

I can confidently say that 7 or 8 out of 10 times I do this, their online presence is genuinely tragic...

This is why benchmarking is so important.

Benchmarking, in this context, is simply a comparison of your online web presence in relation to a handful of your top competitors. This comparison is mostly in terms of quality and the overall aesthetic vibe that your specific market responds to well.

If the clientele you're looking to serve has a certain level of standards and expectations when it comes to online web user experience and your web presence isn't at least on par with that expectation, the odds are heavily against you. There are literally no two ways about it.

Gone are the days of just putting something online.

We're almost in 2024, everyone has been 'just putting something online' for many years now and, to no surprise, they're not getting results they're looking for in today's world.


There are two apps or websites that have the same product or service, but one is more visually appealing, has well-written copy, and feels like a business in that industry should. If the user sees both options, they will choose the better looking and reading app or website. Every. Single. Time.

I've been in the industry for over 20 years as a high-level professional and have tested this over and over and over again; this isn't my opinion here.

We as humans respond to visually stimulating and emotional things, it's embedded in us. Try and fight that if you want, I'm just trying to save you some pain here.

I'm here to use my time-tested and proven expertise to help owner's businesses get better, because I want you to win. There's room for us all to do so.

When there are so many options to choose from nowadays, for a prospect to entertain your business online, your online presence needs to be professional and engaging enough for a user to stay on your website long enough to even determine if they want to buy or book with you. That decision is made in literally a few seconds (2.9sec to, as little as 50 milliseconds).

The stats of just how much solid web and user experience design increases conversions are everywhere (in overwhelming one-sided fashion), not going to bore you with that, but it boils down to: If your website or sales page doesn't feel trust-worthy, professional, or you're out of alignment with the aesthetic of your industry, your chance of getting a sale or booking a call are slim to none.

With that said here are a few simple things you can do, right now, to improve your chances at better conversions from your website or sales page:

- First, Ask yourself this question: If you came across your website would you purchase or feel confident in that business' success from the initial impression? (that first impression is all a stranger will give you)

- Benchmark against 3-5 of the top competitors in your industry and area. When you see or use a website that you like, take the time to gauge why you like it. See what you come up with.

- Make sure you have proper language on your website. If you're not a good writer or communicator when it comes to web copy, get someone to do it. It's worth it. Nothing blows confidence in a business more than poor language with numerous of grammar errors. Once that's done, proof-read your entire website multiple times and/or have another person do it for you.

- Get high-quality real images if possible. Using the same stock images in the same way as everyone else, comes across as just that. Generic and flat. If you can't take your own photos, take the time to get quality imagery for your website. When a website feels completely void of life, the results will usually reflect that.

- Ensure you have 'https' enabled for your domain to ensure users feel safe submitting information to your business and so you don't get blocked on any browsers.

I could go on, but you get the idea.

This. Is. Your. Storefront. A storefront that's being presented to strangers in an attempt to transact or ask for precious time. Treat it like it is one of the most important investments for your business.    

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