Taking Control #3

Taking Control #3

May 7, 2020
So, now that you've figured out:

- a website is a necessity in order to thrive in business today
- exactly what your website needs to do in order to be an actual asset to your business

Now what?

Well, now it's time to get your potential customers and clients to your website. It's time for Traffic.

Just like with many things in regard to your online presence, there are several ways to go about getting traffic to your website. And, not just any traffic, specific and targeted traffic that you have at least a chance at converting into a customer or client.

Let's quickly go over a few of the most common and trusted sources of web traffic.

1. Referrals and Word of Mouth
There's nothing like a good ol' loud mouth to spread the word about your business' new online presence and why folks should head over there.

This is great because by being referred to anything by anyone, that first initial barrier of trust is already in place to allow for an easier conversation and potential conversion.

2. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
This semi-fancy term basically just means how relevant is the content on your website to what it's supposed to be? Did that make sense?

Also taken into account is the page structure (using the proper hierarchy of HTML elements for bots to traverse and index your pages, responsiveness to devices and page speed/load times).

Basically, if your website is about plumbing, then the image and text content on your website should be easily identifiable as such. How is this determined you ask? Robots...dun dun dunn!

But, yeah, seriously. Web crawlers are essentially programs that auto search web pages online and they crawl your website's pages and rank them determinate to its criteria.

There are many other factors that go into SEO and it would be a complete and embarrassing dis-service to attempt to go into all of that right here.

Basically, if you want your website to be found on Google, organically, have a bunch of high quality and relevant content on your website and it will bring in traffic from interested parties.

SEO is a 'long game' strategy that usually takes months to start getting real traction behind it. It's great to get SEO going in the beginning so it builds and scales as your website does. Before you know it, you'll be getting a solid stream of inbound organic traffic.

We'll talk about Paid Traffic in the next post.

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May 7, 2020





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