Taking Control #2

Taking Control #2

Apr 25, 2020
What does your business need to bring in revenue?

- Book Appointments?
- Get subscribers for your service?
- Get downloads for your software?
- Sell and ship products?

In order for your website to be of actual value to your business, it has to actually do something for your business. Like previously mentioned, the days of just putting up a website to have one are over.

It needs to do something.

Instead of viewing your website as just a public place for your business' contact information to be stored, think of it as your 24hr salesperson or sales team. Your website needs to be able to retain the interest of your potential customers by providing enough information but, at the same time not overwhelming them (unless your information architecture is on-point, which is another discussion for another time). This is where the art and balance of layout and design come in.

Understand that your website is your OFFICIAL storefront to the digital world. Take the same care and thought that you would put into your physical location's signage and decor. This is the first interaction your potential clients or customers will have with your business; don't screw it up. There are so many options out there today. No matter what anyone says, first impressions matter a whole bunch. You can either be seen as someone that is thoughtful about their business (which can be perceived as thoughtful to their customers) and has the means to get it done properly orrrr you can be seen as the business who doesn't put much thought into or doesn't have the means and needs to rely on free builders, bad design and underwhelming copy (bad spelling and grammar on a website is Red Flag City to customers).

It's always helpful to put yourself in your customer's shoes. Would you buy from your website? Do you trust it? Is it appealing and does it make you feel good by being on it? If you don't sincerely answer 'Yes' to all of those questions, there is work to do.

Luckily, you've got us on your side.

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April 25, 2020





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