Taking Control #1

Taking Control #1

Apr 22, 2020

Get in the game!

If you haven't taken control of your online web presence, now is the time.

Just because some things are shut down doesn't mean you should be. There is a lot that can and needs to be proactively done right here and right now for business owners all over.

We're going to go over a few of them over the next week, starting with one right now.

Take Control of Your Online Presence #1

Taking control of your business online is more than just simply setting up some social accounts and posting images and quotes. It's getting a firm grip by solidifying your business and brand in several ways. Today we're going to cover one of these 3 steps; your website.

The first, and to many the most important thing, is getting your website setup. I know this seems pretty obvious but conversations are had with business owners on the regular that still don't have a dedicated website.

Along with that website comes a sometimes underappreciated and slightly overlooked aspect; the domain name. You want to make sure you secure a domain name that is instantly recognizable by those who already know you. If your specific name isn't available, get something as close as possible. Try to avoid hyphens and underscores or odd naming conventions as well. This can cause potential mix-ups when a user is searching for you online and potentially giving someone else your well deserved web traffic, or worse, the sale. Just think about how you search: jam the name together and slap a .com on the end.

And, as tempting as it may be to go with an available .biz .store or some other extension, still try to stick with a .com when you can, unless it's actually applicable to your business. We're still in an era when folks search for your business online, or by direct input, and .com is the first thing that is attempted. Once again, this is a way that other companies can grab your oh-so-precious traffic from you.

Gone are the days of the brochure website. Well, this is true for most companies anyway. These types of sites basically sit there and do nothing but offer store hours, a phone number and a paragraph or two about the company. You can just use a business listing for that.

And make sure that website is optimized before running any marketing campaigns! I see this a lot... someone spending their dollars on a landing page or website that isn’t optimized for conversions or, even worse, mobile devices.

*Make sure your web game is solid before running campaigns or you will be wasting some of your marketing budget. It’s only a matter of how much.

So, the question is… what does your site need to do in order to be valuable to your business and how do you go about getting that done?

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April 22, 2020





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