Setting Up Success

Setting Up Success

Jul 4, 2020

Just like in any survival situation, having your home base (website or landing pages) properly set up is extremely important. In business, this is just the same. It's business survival.

Before you can supplement or begin any type of automation in your outreach and customer acquisition, your home base must be in order to maximize your efforts.

Why spend all that time, effort, and money getting potential customers to your website or landing page when it looks and interacts like..well, let's say not the best?

The only thing you're successfully doing by not optimizing your home base before getting customers to it is dramatically decreasing your conversions. That's it. Cut and dry.

Make sure that time, effort, and money that you put into getting customers to your home base, you give them the absolute best shot that you can at converting them.

- Is what you do obvious and clear immediately on your website?
- Is your offer clear?
- What, exactly, do you want someone to do when they get to your site? Is that path obvious and clear, or are you fudding it up with a mess of links and information that really isn't needed?
- Is your web copy strong, persuasive and urging?
- Are your images and content optimized for fast loading and mobile devices?

Those are just a few questions to ask yourself when looking at your home base.

So, give your business the best shot possible at conversions by taking care of these types of things first, so when traffic does show up doing business with you is a no-brainer.

Want a professional to look at your home base and offer advice that can be invaluable to your business?

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July 4, 2020





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