Controlling Your Domains

Purchase and retain control of your domain(s) whenever possible.If you're read this and have any opposing viewpoints, we would love to hear them.

Controlling Your Domains
Article Date
August 3, 2021

Getting a new website?

Chances are that you'll also need a domain name for that website or whatever other nifty thing you're putting on the internet.  

And, by saying, "Chances are..", I mean you're of course going to need a domain name.  

Most every human with a computer or tv knows GoDaddy as the domain registrar leader of the pack, although there are many others, GoDaddy is of the most trusted and proven ones out there.  

This quick post isn't about any technical aspect of finding or secure the proper domain name for your business, but about an issue that we've been coming across more and more it seems in the past couple of years or so.  

The issue?

Businesses and clients not having direct access and/or any control of their domain name(s).  

How does this happen?

Most times, pretty easily and without notice.

Whenever a client signs up with a new agency, web developer, or 3rd party application, domains can just be 'included' and kind of just left to do it's thing.

A recent example of how this issue can rear its ugly little head: With the new rollout of the IOS update and its affect on FB Ads' retargeting and attribution, now everyone who wishes to utilize FB ads must verify their domain. This is most easily done by altering the DNS settings of the domain name from the registrar.  

There are other ways to verify (which usually also requires certain levels of access), but the point I'm making here is:

When possible, always purchase your own domain names, hold the account yourself and then give access to outsiders (agencies, freelancers, so on...) by giving them external credentials to use to do whatever they need to, whenever they need to, but the power and control of your domain name(s) will always stay with you.  

This may be less true if you have an agency running your entire operation for you, but if you're like a lot of fast-pivoting small businesses or entrepreneurs, this is more for you.

Little things like having domain name control can mitigate some potentially pretty frustrating situations in the future.  

Purchase and retain control of your domain(s) whenever possible.

If you're read this and have any opposing viewpoints, we would love to hear them.

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